Intotheblue.it aims to collect videos and photos of typical depths of the Mediterranean Sea, to raise awareness of their beauty, documenting the various critical issues in order to sensitize people to the respect and protection of the sea.

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Il Grande Barracuda – The Great Barracuda-2019-11-09-21h59m18s138Il Grande Barracuda – The Great Barracuda-2019-11-09-21h59m45s926-1024×568Il Grande Barracuda – The Great Barracuda-2019-11-09-22h01m25s195-1024×551

Il Grande Barracuda

Il Grande Barracuda, (Sphyraena barracuda), è un pesce d'acqua salata appartenente alla classe Actinipterygii, all’ordine Scombriformes, alla famiglia Sphyraenidae ...
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