The Nungwi Barrier Reef - Zanzibar

Nungwi is a fishing village located at the northern end of Unguja, the main island of the Zanzibar islands, previously known for being one of the most active centers for the construction of dhows (traditional fishing boats of Zanzibar). Until the mid-nineties, the local population has consistently opposed the arrival decision of tourism, and consequently the Nungwi beach was one of the last of Unguja to have hotels and restaurants.

The Nungwi Barrier Reef - Stefano -
The Nungwi Barrier Reef – Stefano –

The Reef barriers hosts the exuberant marine life of the Indian Ocean where sky and sea meet and mingle in their extraordinary beauty. This “Garden of Eden” captivates snorkelers and divers who dive in the warm, clear waters. But those who do not dive can spend a dream holiday in the spacious and very white coral sand beaches. Nungwi today has become a popular tourist destination, and the stretch of beach directly in front of the village, called Jambo Square, is constantly crowded with visitors. A Nungwi recently opened a small aquarium with sea turtles.

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